Key Steps to Navigating the Thriving Austin-Area Real Estate Market

Thinking of moving to Austin? Now more than ever, the Austin-area real estate market is highly sought after. Based on current market conditions, you’ll most likely be up against five to six other offers—challenging, but far from impossible. To snag a piece of this prime real estate, be sure to stay ahead of the curve and work with a professional. Bill Evans with the Austin Board of REALTORS® offered some key tips on how to successfully navigate through the thriving Austin-area real estate market. View the KVUE segment and read below for more tips.


Helpful Tips to Succeed in the Austin Area Buyers’ Market

  1. In this highly competitive market, make your highest and best offer quickly once you’ve found the right home.
  2. Work with a REALTOR®. They are armed with the crucial local expertise and industry knowledge you need to buy an Austin home.
  3. Before starting the process, take these steps to get your finances and paperwork in order:
    • Get pre-approved for a loan.
    • Get your financing in order, budgeting for closing, inspection, and lending costs, as well as potential extra funds needed for a competitive advantage.
    • Know your credit. If you have damaged credit, repair it before entering the market.
  4. If you’re currently leasing a home, be sure to plan in advance and work around your lease terms. It is sometimes possible to end a lease early, but most times it involves paying and other conditionals.
  5. Practice patience, and expect delays when encountering multiple offers, for inspections, during the lending process, for communication between all parties, and more.

Above all else, have confidence and peace-of-mind by working with a local REALTOR® when you buy your next Austin home.

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