App to Track Your Energy Usage

A little extra money saved can go a long way, especially during the holiday season. In the few months when Central Texas homes actually need their heat on, it’s easy to forget how much this extra energy can add to your utilities bill. Fortunately, Austin Energy has released a new and simple way for you to track your energy usage—

This new web-based application makes it clear and easy for you to see your current energy consumption. It’s best utilized on your smartphone, so bookmark on your browser for easy access at any time; all you need is your Austin Energy account information to log in. The app displays the amount of energy (in dollars) you’ve spent each day for the last month in an easy-to-read chart. You can also switch the chart to show the money you spent per month since you’ve been an Austin Energy customer.

Not only does this allow you to clearly see how much you’ve spent, but it also lets you know how much you’ll spend for the month at your current energy consumption rate. This can serve as a nice reminder to turn the heat down a few degrees or turn the lights off when you’re not in a room.

The app also gives you dozens of useful energy-saving tips and a “rate tier alert” to notify you when you’re about to jump energy tiers. Altogether, this app is an energy-saving gift for the holidays from Austin Energy. Within minutes of logging on, you’ll learn where you can cut your energy costs. If only we had this handy of an app for all of our spending habits.

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