Good news about Austin’s housing market

Thinking of buying or selling real estate in Austin, Texas? That’s fantastic!

As history has proven, Texas survives. That’s why we are ranked as the top state for business and jobs in the current economy, the second largest cyber state and fourth best tax free haven.

And located in the heart of the Lone Star State, Austin has been recognized among the top 10 best cities to live.

So what does this mean for Austin’s housing market?

Undeniably, effects of the national economic crisis have trickled into nearly every city in the nation. However, because of its location, diverse economy, and business opportunities Austin has been named the city best poised for recession recovery by Forbes, with its economy projected to grow by $5 billion by 2010.

Though Austin has taken its lumps by way of decreased sales volume along with everyone else, “the bloom is back in Austin’s yellow rose” according to Boyce Thompson of Builder, which ranked Austin the second healthiest housing market for 2009 based on its location, pricing and population trends, number of building permits and local job growth.

Austin real estate has proven a strong investment. Those who purchased a home at Austin’s median price six years ago would find that it has increased in value by 20 percent. The city continues to “hold the line” on home value because Central Texas real estate prices have not experienced periods of rapid inflation or deflation. is one of the most trusted and comprehensive online resources available to find a REALTOR®,  browse properties and learn more about Austin real estate. Why not begin your Austin home search today?

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