Home selling in winter: Extra effort may be required

Selling a home can be more challenging during winter months — the lawn is brown, you have fewer daylight hours to show the home and the weather is often cold and rainy. Consider the following tips to help spark buyer interest:

1. Warm the room. Before potential buyers arrive, adjust the thermostat to a slightly warmer temperature. If you have a fireplace, turn it on to add ambience and additional light and warmth. Be sure, though, to never leave the house while the fireplace is still in use — you don’t want to risk a fire!

2. Make guests feel welcome. Setting the table with good china, silver and linens makes guests feel as if they’ve been invited to a party. Displaying warm holiday cookies or cider is another wonderful way to say “welcome”.

3. Wash the windows. During winter you might not think of washing windows, but this can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Make sure you can proudly showcase sparkling window panes when opening the curtains.

4. Add a hint of home-cooking. The scent of chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, freshly baked bread, apple pie and vanilla is popular among homebuyers. Just remember: Unless you’re actually baking these goodies, keep the fragrance subtle — overusing candles and sprays can have a negative effect.

5. Keep the holiday spirit alive. When religious holidays end and most decorations come down, you can still use winter wreaths and arrangements to add color and maintain a festive flair.

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