What “green” means for you

You’ve probably heard the term “green” used to describe everything from grocery bags and cars to buildings and cities. But what does “green” mean for Austin, and what does it mean for you?

While “green” can refer to practices that promote healthy living and aid in resource conservation, it’s often used in reference to practices that reduce one’s carbon footprint, boost sustainability and increase energy efficiency.

Austin consistently ranks high on lists of America’s greenest cities, largely in part to its Climate Protection Program, which puts Austin on track to become carbon neutral by 2020. Austin is also among cities leading the nation in the number of Energy Star qualified homes available to homebuyers. These homes meet strict energy efficient standards in regard to insulation systems, windows, construction and appliances.

Because Austin takes seriously its mission to “go green,” Central Texans are buying more energy efficient homes, saving money through reduced energy costs and living in a city on track to become “the most livable city in the country.”

So, what does “green” mean for Austin homeowners? In short: lower energy costs, a more sustainable standard of living and, of course, bragging rights.

To learn more about Austin’s Climate Protection program and how it affects Austin homeowners, read our post on “Understanding’s Austin’s energy efficiency ordinance.”

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