Safety tips for Austin home sellers

Typically, the process of selling your home will involve complete strangers entering your home during showings or open house events. While most people will tour your property with good intentions, the safety of you and your Austin real estate should always be a top priority. Though many REALTORS® will conduct showings and host open houses on behalf of their clients, remember to keep the following tips in the mind if you choose to be active in the home selling process:

Tip #1. Never agree to show anyone your home before you have verified the person’s telephone number.

Tip #2. Remove or lock away all valuables, personal documents and prescription medications before showing a home. Remember that prospective buyers will often open closets or drawers to get a feel for storage space, so remove any easily accessible objects that could serve as a temptation.

Tip #3. Consider having a sign-in sheet for those attending your open house, where visitors provide their addresses or driver license numbers. Ask your REALTOR® how he or she typically handles this situation.

Tip #4. When showing potential buyers your home, always follow them into each room instead of leading them. This helps you keep an eye on visitors and can prevent a situation in which you might become cornered without an easy exit.

Tip #5. Never disclose to potential buyers personal habits or schedules that would indicate the times you’re usually away from your home.

Tip #6. Inform family, friends or neighbors that you’re having an open house event, and have them call or stop by at designated times to check on you. If you’re expecting a big turn-out, you may even ask family or friends to help out at the open house.

Tip #7. Keep a cell phone on you at all times, with 9-1-1 on speed dial.

Tip #8. Make sure your car is parked in a location that allows for a quick escape. Don’t park it in your driveway or a place in which it may become boxed in.

Tip #9. After showing your home, make sure all rooms are empty and all windows, doors and entrances are locked.

Tip #10. If your home is vacant, stop by routinely to check on it.

Remember that your REALTOR® is there to help protect your interests and that having a REALTOR® handle all home-showing details can help prevent many situations where the safety of you or your property may become an issue. In any case, your REALTOR® can recommend additional safety tips as you discuss the marketing plan for your Austin home.

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