Are your neighbors hurting your home’s value?

It’s one thing to have to deal with noisy neighbors; it’s another if their antics lower your home’s value. Issues such as unusual paint color or a broken-down car sitting in their yard could reduce your sale price by as much as 10 percent.

It’s possible your neighbors are unaware of how their behavior is affecting the neighborhood. Try approaching them directly but pleasantly, and strike up a conversation. Explain that you’re planning to sell your home soon and that the condition of their house might affect your chances. Be sure to offer your assistance in fixing the problem; this will likely help resolve the issue more quickly and perhaps earn you some new friends in the process.

If your neighbors are consistently unavailable or unapproachable, voicing your concerns to another party may be your best bet. If, for example, the neighbors are renting their home, you could discuss the issue with their landlord. Or, if your neighborhood is governed by a homeowner’s association, the problem could be presented at a meeting. As a last resort, consider speaking with a REALTOR® or a city representative to see if they can step in to resolve the dilemma.

If all else fails, the best you can do is make your home stand out above the rest. Touch up your home, make repairs and boost curb appeal as much as possible. Your home can still sell despite the conditions of a neighbor’s house. Get in touch with a REALTOR® to determine how to best approach the situation.

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