Trees in Central Texas: Valuable and Vulnerable

Caring for trees during the extreme Texas drought can be a difficult endeavor. In general, the experts recommend watering a wide area round your tree (commonly referred to as the drip-line) and not to worry too much about the depth since most tree roots run less than six inches deep. TreeFolks, a local group that helps grow urban forests through tree planting, education and community partnerships, has compiled several resources to reference in learning how to care for trees as well as the area water supply.

In addition TreeFolks hosts events throughout the year to empower Austin-area homeowners and organizations to plant and maintain trees of their own. They offer two-hour workshops that teach Central Texans about tree care and maintenance, fruit tree pruning and tree identification. For the more dedicated urban tree lover, TreeFolks has an eight-hour tree care and installation class called Citizen Forester. This course employs both classroom and hands-on work on a range of topics including utilizing trees in landscape design, identifying trees, soil health, as well as pruning and maintenance. Citizen Forester and other TreeFolks workshops are taught by local arborists, foresters and landscape designers.

Learn more about what TreeFolks has in the works and keep the drought tips handy as we head into another Central Texas summer!

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